Taking care of your business in a variety of ways, with you in mind

Guiding Your Business

High-Quality, Cost-Effective Benefit Programs

Maintain your bottom line, and hold onto top talent

Business owners today face numerous challenges. There’s the overall need to be as bottom-line focused as possible, while at the same time attracting superior talent and taking care of exceptional employees.

Your Essex Financial Services advisor can be a valuable ally by helping you set up high-quality yet cost-effective benefit programs. It’s entirely feasible for us to serve the owner’s interests, while balancing those considerations with the needs of employees.

Structures to streamline your tax burden

Business & Legal Tax Planning

Effective tax planning isn’t something you should suddenly think about at your fiscal year-end. A business needs to establish a solid tax-mitigation foundation from the outset. At Essex Financial, we help business owners and managers with innovative strategies for reducing a wide variety of taxes.

We work with your attorney and accountant to advise on the proper structure of your business to help minimize taxes and liability. This may involve the utilization of alternative business structures such as family limited liability companies, Subchapter S corporations, C corporations, and family limited partnerships. Our work with hybrid solutions may also include such vehicles as tax-efficient mutual funds, municipal bonds and tax-loss harvesting.

Ensuring your business will continue to thrive

Succession Planning

The decision of how and when to transfer ownership of a business is one of the most difficult you’ll ever make. Essex Financial advisors can help you get your arms around the possibilities long before that day comes, in order to determine the surest and most profitable exit strategy.

Along with your attorneys and accountants, we will assist you in any business transition to maximize the value of your company and minimize the tax consequences.

In addition, you’ll want to ensure your successors and heirs are being treated fairly. Accordingly, we can advise you on measures to take that will build a degree of control and flexibility into the business-succession agreement.

Helping organizations sustain their mission

Endowments & Foundations

For our institutional and non-profit clients, the biggest challenge today is to maintain the staying power needed to meet and support the goal or mission of the organization.

Essex Financial Services will review, or when needed, create an investment policy statement which clearly embodies the goals and objectives of the organization. These include asset allocation, risk tolerance, social mandates and spending policy.

Our disciplined, integrated spending/investment solutions employ a strategic asset-allocation mix of fixed income, equities and cash — including alternative investment strategies where appropriate.

The idea is to provide predictable revenue for grantmaking and operational support, while protecting the market value and the purchasing power of the entity’s assets.