A substantial goal with life-changing benefits

Saving for Education

With today’s tuition rates, the financing of a college education is something most parents need to plan for. At Essex Financial, we know how to combine various programs to help you gain the best advantage.

One particular area of expertise is the design and facilitation of Section 529 college savings plans. This includes in-depth knowledge of the availability and parameters for 529 plans in the state where you live. Many of our clients are already enjoying the benefits of this highly effective program for college savings.

Defining what retirement means to you

Saving for Retirement

People are living longer. This means there are more retirement issues to consider than ever before.

What will it take to fund your desired retirement lifestyle in terms of savings and projected income sources? Is full retirement a desired and feasible option? And if so, at what age?

Your Essex Financial advisor can help you sort out these key questions and complex decisions, no matter where you are in the journey. The goal is to prepare you for the best possible future your wealth can provide.

Expecting the unexpected

Preparing for Illness / Injury

No one likes to think about the potential for a devastating illness or a life-limiting injury. But it’s certainly wiser to be prepared. That’s why we think it’s essential to include these considerations in every client’s overall plan.

Your Essex Financial advisor can talk to you about the available options, and offer examples of how we’ve helped other clients to address these issues.

The road to life is seldom a straight line

Building for the Future

Economic cycles are a reality of life in the world of investing. So it’s not uncommon, from time to time, to need to reframe your plans for wealth building and retirement.

Our goal is to help you properly compensate for economic conditions through appropriate diversification and asset allocation. These considerations include the realities of economic fluctuations, market volatility, and recessionary conditions.

The idea is that no single event or market downturn will have the power to disrupt your investment journey.