Laying the groundwork for a major change

Making the Transition

The time to prepare for the distribution phase is in the five to ten years preceding your anticipated retirement date. This is a time when you can continue to earn and invest, while shoring up any potential loose ends in your strategy.

Essex Financial advisors will walk you through the key questions and considerations. For instance, we’ll want to make sure your idealized retirement date is really a feasible time to make this major lifestyle shift. We also consider the fact that you may still have dependents to care for. This is when long-term care insurance may become part of your financial plan.

Major consideration for boomers and beyond


Eldercare is an issue that nearly everyone must deal with at some stage in life. This is equally true for the elder who needs to get the most benefits out of his or her valuable assets. It’s equally true for caregivers who need to assist parents and relatives without the financial means to go it alone.

An Essex Financial advisor often assumes a role that is akin to a life coach for our clients. It’s not uncommon for us to help parents transition into assisted living while waiting for a home to be sold. We often assist clients with collecting the benefits from their long-term care insurance.

The art of being free

Travel & Leisure

Nothing pleases us more than than to see our clients truly enjoying the fruits of their labors. If we do our job properly, you can reap the benefits of a rich and rewarding life in a number of ways.

At Essex Financial, our long-term planning and ongoing advice help clients maximize the effect of their funds for a variety of lifestyle objectives and leisure pursuits. These may include the purchase of a second home, a lifelong goal to travel extensively, and the desire to ensure financial stability for grandchildren and other family members.