The advantages of sharing the wealth


Chances are, there are organizations you’re already planning to support. Your Essex Financial advisor can help you work with the organizations and causes you’re most involved with. In these cases, our goal is to convert your assets into tax-deductible donations that benefit the causes you hold dear. We can also advise you on the benefits and ramifications of establishing your own charitable foundation, along with the possibilities of using a donor-advised fund.

When you have a specific purpose in mind

Special Bequests

Many of our clients choose to make special bequests and gifts. These charitable contributions include specific instructions on how the money should be used by the recipient organization: i.e., the establishment of a scholarship fund, the addition of a wing to a museum, etc.

At Essex Financial, we’re pleased to help carry out your wishes in this regard. Your advisor can work closely with your trustee, estate administrator and/or attorney to coordinate the donation of various types of assets, such as cash, stocks and bonds, and personal property.

When giving stays within the family


Decisions surrounding the timing and procedures for inheritances are naturally a common point of discussion. Is it best to wait until the recipient is a certain age? How do you ensure the proceeds will be spent in an organized and prudent manner? Does it make sense to begin distributing funds to children and grandchildren while you’re still alive?

Your Essex Financial advisor can offer valuable perspectives on a host of questions. We can also guide you, in cases where inheritance amounts are substantial, on how to encourage the personal and social values to extend your family’s philanthropic legacy.