Managing the dynamics of family wealth

Managing Your Estate

Our financial advisors can help you to effectively orchestrate the preservation and transfer of wealth.

Is it possible to benefit my children without undermining their work ethic? Is it wise to set up custodial accounts? In the event of my unexpected death, will this be a manageable plan for my spouse? How do I care for a family member with special needs? How do I transfer my business to my children?

These are examples of questions we answer every day while helping clients ensure the financial security of the people they treasure.

Structuring wealth to preserve its value

Maximizing Financial Assets

As a family’s business activities and holdings become more complex, an outside resource is sometimes needed to properly serve its financial, management and lifestyle needs.

At Essex Financial, our collaborative approach is especially valuable in this area. By working closely with a family’s legal counsel, other trusted advisors, and key individual family members, we can create an investment infrastructure to serve its complex and changing needs.

Exceptional Fiduciary Services

A Strong Partnership

Essex Financial has a strong partnership with Essex Trust because of their best-in-class fiduciary service with exceptional investment advisory services. The result is a unique customization of trust relationships tailored to the needs of trust grantors and their beneficiaries. For those clients who are currently working with another Trust company or firm, Essex Financial can partner with that firm for the investment management of the trust or estate account.


Added security for your overall strategy

Evaluating life insurance

In the early-to-mid stages of accumulation, a rock-solid insurance strategy is invaluable for protecting your investment plan. However, being overinsured can needlessly diminish your wealth-building activities.

We can help determine the types of policies that will best suit your needs, and what coverage levels you should be considering.



The proliferation of today’s estate taxes is a looming threat to any family’s nest egg. That’s why Essex Financial advisors introduce this consideration in the earliest phases of client discovery and planning.

Working closely with your legal counsel and accountant, we’ll help to create a comprehensive strategy that aligns with your overall needs.